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Susan, 18 years old, attending UW La Crosse this fall. I'm in A LOT of fandoms. July 13th, 2013 was the best night of my life. June 26th, 2013 I saw FOB live and MET PATRICK STUMP (his hugs are amazing). If you have any questions just ask. I don't bite...hard ;)


AU: Your jealous boyfriend, Luke, locks Michael away in a box after he catches him flirting with you the day before.


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I really love when music legends defend 5 Seconds of Summer. Like it’s literally my favorite thing.

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Anonymous asked: wait what was the sexist stuff that they did???






Heartbreak girl- has the concept of the friend zone (which I highly recommend you look up why the friend zone is bullshit)

Michael posted of a picture of two drinks on Instagram assigning gender roles to them

Luke was asked what he’d do when he likes a girl he said “stare at her creepily” enforcing rape culture and making women uncomfortable

Also Michael made a rape joke in a keek saying calum was going to “rape me later”

at the very most these are just references to the boys being immature teenagers joking around with their friends. 

for someone to go as far as calling them sexist, racist, or supporters of rape culture.. JUST WOW. I’ll break it down even simpler for those of you who still insist on 5sos being the monsters you’re trying really hard to make them into. 

Heartbreak girl- If I remember right, Calum wrote this song when he was probably like 16 and butthurt over a girl not crushing on him back. Obviously, his views on dating have drastically changed since then so why call him out on something that happened so very very long ago.

Michael posted a picture with drinks with gender roles- haha this one actually made me laugh out loud. They are fucking drinks. 

Luke’s comment- this is the one that pisses me off the most. In that interview, luke was asked what he’d do if he liked a girl. If you took his response literally, you are a fucking idiot. By “stare at her creepily” he pretty much meant “do nothing and admire her from afar because I’m too shy to act on my feelings.” NOT "stalk her and record her actions in 10 minute intervals." If you’ve been around 5sos long enough, you’d know that Luke is a big sweetheart who is very respectful and would never do anything hurtful to anyone, ESPECIALLY SOMETHING LIKE SUPPORTING OR PARTICIPATING IN RAPE. He was pretty much just trying to be funny when he said what he said. 

look at all the weird obsessive text posts us 5sos bloggers make on a day to day basis. there are probably thousands. are we all enforcing rape culture because of them? Are we sexist? Perverts? Burdens on society? Politically incorrect? No. And neither is luke so stfu. 

Michael’s rape joke- ok this one is offensive, I’ll give you that. But again, there is a difference between making an outwardly inappropriate or insensitive joke with a friend and actually supporting rape or justifying it. He made a crude comment. He thought he was funny. He is a teenage boy. He is not perfect. 

So really, are 5sos racist, sexist, pro-rape, or culturally insensitive? Nope! Not in the slightest. Because they do not discriminate against or deliberately hate a particular race, nor do they think of one race to be superior to others. They do not believe one gender is less capable than the other and respect women very much. They do not support rape and never have. These claims are stupid, inconsistent, and unnecessary. 

Why dig stuff up from 1-2 years ago when it’s irelevent now? Just because they get media attention, people are trying so hard to find a reason to hate them. They’re doing a pretty fucking bad job, too. 

can u just accept what they did wasnt cool or funny or ok and move on with your life oh my god honestly you dont need to make a whole 9 paragraph post trying to defend them

can u just accept people make mistakes and not continuously target your supposed idols

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calum with kids is the death of me





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if i was dating a band member id probably still blog about them

yeah but it would be a personal blog about us and the fandom would love me

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I bet Niall has a scrapbook titled ‘My Brothers’ filled with selfies of him with his boys

and not a single picture of Greg

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the phrase “you don’t look like you like that type of music” makes no sense. what does music taste look like. why does it matter. your opinion does not control my ipod.

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Michael was the kid who told girls to try to climb the monkey bars so he could look up their skirts and lukes the kid who told on him

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hey here’s an idea, if you don’t like a band, don’t listen to them instead of trash-talking them and insulting their fans!! (◡‿◡✿)

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