Susan, 18 years old, attending UW La Crosse this fall. I'm in A LOT of fandoms. July 13th, 2013 was the best night of my life. June 26th, 2013 I saw FOB live and MET PATRICK STUMP (his hugs are amazing). If you have any questions just ask. I don't bite...hard ;)

My school today had a performance thing called Awareness Through Performance. It raises awareness about sexual assault, bullying, gender identity, religion, and a bunch of things…. Things were going great till they started talking about self harm, depression, anxiety, and suicide. I held composure but I was hella uncomfortable and sad. I thought I left it behind. I’ve been a year clean and sure every now and then a thought will try to creep its way in but I know how to stop them. But this performance really got to me and everything came flooding back for that while….I don’t want to think about that anymore…

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Michael would be the type of boyfriend where in interviews if he got asked about you instead of being like “she’s the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on” he’d be like “she’s fucking hot her boobs are great” don’t even fight me on this